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Gorgeous Chaos?

This is a blog that I did last Year in January, I thought it was a great one to share today for Motivation Monday. Let me know what you think. Today we’re going to talk about something called “Relative Deprivation”. Relative Deprivation was a concept coined by a sociologist (Samuel Stouffer) during WWII who discovered […]

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2 The MacGyver in us

Organizationally Gifted people may be really good at organizing, but they do not work well if things don’t go as planned. They are NOT able to make substitutions the way we are for things. Organizationally challenged people can think on their feet, we prove it when push comes to shove. Did you know that when you google […]

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Motivation Monday – How do I get Organized – Part 2

WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!! Kathy Roberts Click on supporting video links below “DO IT NOW!” VIDEO “IT GOES WHERE IT GOES!” VIDEO “DETERMINE A BEDTIME & GET READY FOR BED” VIDEO CLICK BELOW TO WATCH PART 1 “HOW DO I GET ORGANIZED?”z (and see all of the subsequent videos that go along with it) […]

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