Organizing your Home, A House Cleaning Checklist (sort of :)

I’m letting you know about a Facebook group I created called “Room by Room” and I invite you to join me there. Click here to get in.

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I thought it would be fun to work on declutterin by concentrating on one room at a time, together!

You know that every OGP (Organizationally Gifted Person) declutters on a regular basis, so if you are a graduate of TTU and living an organized life, this is not new, we regularly dejunk and take care of rooms systematically anyway, it’s part of our system.

It is how we maintain order and stay out of chaos. But it’s not fun, and we don’t like doing it.
So, if you are just getting started or you are a veteran, this group will work beautifully for all of us! Don’t ya think?!

It’s motivation, company, healthy distraction, support and direction all rolled up in one!

What I teach is not really about getting organized, it is more about being happy.

It just so happens that living an organized life brings happy along with it because when we are feeling overwhelmed it chases happy out the door. And being the nature that we are, right brained predominantly, we need to LEARN how to live organized, it doesn’t come naturally for us.

In a nutshell, it’s about how living with less stuff and better habits brings with it freedom to enjoy life and I teach how us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) can do that!

So here we will work on organizing your home, one room at a time to get that freedom we are looking for, knowing it comes with living a more organized life.

So in this Room by Room Facebook group we will work on decluttering your home while having more of a minimalistic life style to achieve our goals of getting organized to have more time to do what we love to do.

If you want to get off the treadmill, or worse maybe you are on a roller coaster of home maintenance I ask you to please try out my course Tidy Tutor University, see what people who have taken it are saying about it, and join us in happily maintaining order with real direction and a plan that works. You can take my first session free right now FREE!
Click here 🙂

See you on the inside!

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