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OK, this is going to be short, sweet and simple.

As of this writing it is January 6th, we have to think about getting our Christmas
decorations in storage and out of our main living areas.

Now if you have things that are just winter decor, like snow men, and snow
scenes you can keep them up till March 
heads into it’s second week…

Otherwise, it is time to at least start thinking about putting them away.

Here is my advise:

Get at least ONE box that you use to store your Christmas things from the attic or
wherever it is that you keep them.

If there is ANYTHING still left inside that box that you didn’t take out and use to
decorate your house this season, I want you to consider getting rid of those things.

Ask yourself:  “Why didn’t I them?”  Are they broken?  Do I love them?
Do they fit in my house? Did someone give them to me and I’m keeping them… why?”

If they are they kinda sentimental, and with a little push you could be
persuaded to get rid of them? – I tell you… Just do it!

If there are some things that you LOVE but are broken, take a picture of
them and dump them.

They are broken.

Unless it is an ancient Egyptian artifact, it is not going to be worth anything – EVER.

Take all Christmas related items that are around the house and gather them up.

Pile them in a specific area and just begin filling the storage box that you brought
down from your attic, or wherever… until it is full. 

Get that sucker where it belongs and grab another one. Rinse and repeat.

For any ornaments you have on your tree that were handmade and you know
 it will be just a matter of time before they self destruct; group them on the tree close
together, and take a picture of them.

Then, when one of the googlie-eyes falls off of the Reindeer Clothespin Fella, you can chuck it, guilt free!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.13.30 AM

Take the ornaments off. If there are any you don’t like, get rid of them now.

I like to use the wine bag you get from Whole Foods to store ornaments. Also, cookie Tins are good as well as you don’t have to wrap them because they don’t move much being all snug and happy in there.

hole foods wine bag


Take your REAL, not FAKE but dying and dehydrated Christmas tree (after the ornaments have been taken off of them) and bring it outside to take lights off it.

It will save you from crazy amounts of needles and also you can crack the branches to loosen the lights without pulling your hair out.


So, that’s it. Not so short huh? I really thought it would have been a short message.

It is really simple I think though, no?… I made it as sweet as I could have… given the NOT fun job this has always proven too be 🙂

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Mark Stelmack - Reply

Very good kathy

Terry Boyer - Reply

Great ideas! dp it now!

Dinorah Lluberes - Reply

Katie please as baby bumers we need your help and love and pacient. Please we are base in social security income help us with the price be affordable. We need encoragement in declutter
More than anything. Love Dinorah Aragones. Welcome to the grandmother. Club
Bless your generation¡¡¡

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