It’s Spring!! Our Car’s Chaos!

All winter we have been shut up in our houses AND cars!

So, I though that this would be a great time to write about the state of our vehicles…

Because the weather has been cold, our cars tend to be a little bit more gross this time of
year; there has been many months of slush and salt and… well you name it, stuff we didn’t
want to take out of the car because it was too cold to do what we had to with it all.

Or at least that is the excuse we gave ourselves about the mess it is in 🙂

And another reason for this blog today is because I know that you want to feel hat BRAND NEW
FRESH START that SPRING brings along with it.

So, this video and blog is a great motivator and reminder that NOW is a great time to begin to
clean out the car, and a prompting from me to begin with new fresh habits to keep your car cleaned
out and cleaned up.


In this video my daughter Katie cleans out her car and calls it…

I have edited in some advise to the front and the back end of the video.

Katie shows how out of control her car can get, even saying that she could be homeless for a while
and survive in there…

She shows how she de-junks it and the system we use to get it all put alway inside her apartment.

Let me know what your thoughts are about the video and about how this spring and summer you are
going to keep the car cleaned up and ‘company’ (ride) ready!!

Much Love to you!


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Rose Sally Cleansheets - Reply

A-Dor-able Grandson Kathy! Great video and so timely. Everyone wants motivation to clean out their car in the Spring 🙂

Linda Johnson - Reply

What a ham your grandson is! Good idea on clearing out the car, too. Thanks Kate.

Glenora Luz - Reply

Yes , spring cleaning the car ! Thanks for the reminder and helpful video

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