M.M. Kitchen Done! Old & Outdated? or Shabby Chic?

I have been working on my kitchen. Nothing major, but it still has been work and mostly cosmetic.

The idea was that as I was doing something that needed to be done in my house, you would have been doing something in yours.

It started out as a Motivation Monday-Stop-Procrastinating Project, and it ended up being a series of videos of my progress while working on my kitchen.

My Kitchen is very old, and I cannot at this time do major renovations, so I am doing the best with what I have. I have painted, replaced hardware,
cleaned every inch of it really well, and also resorted to some camouflage.

I don’t really focus on home improvement in our Tidy Tutor world, but it is true that after we dejunk and get the house organized, the “Look” of the house needs a lot of help.

Often, when we work on any kind of home projects, the rest of the house suffers for it. That does not have to happen, and with the system I teach, we find that “wheel spinning” stops!

Of course it stands to reason that if we haven’t cleaned out the refrigerator for a year or so, keeping up with the aesthetics of the house can fall by the wayside.

I am so happy that you have jumped on board with me. We are not people who just want to have a neater home. We are people who want real change, and I love that we all find that we live better lives because we have found each other!

Much love,
The Tidy Tutor

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Lara Garrett Everett - Reply

Kathy! I LOVE IT! Guess what. I stripped my cabinets in 2008 and they still are not painted, and I still haven’t stripped the doors, I made no-sew curtains for the lower cabinets (because my daughter’s wedding party was coming here to get ready – in 2008) but it won’t be much longer! (and I have white dishes.) I hope to have my final garage sale in October (if not before) and reclaim my garage, then I will strip those doors and I think I will try that countertop paint that comes in a kit, until I can do better (my counter top is white with gold glitter, lol) I’ll be sharing photos with you when I get it going.

Great job on your kitchen! I love your videos. Also, do I understand that there is paint on the glass on your windows or is it the “glazing” on the exterior that looks messy? I need to re-glaze all my windows, it’s literally falling off in chunks, but a razor blade will take that paint off an you can get your sheers. I love your sweet kitchen, wish we could have tea, lol.

Betty Jo Buchanan Betz - Reply

You did good! I love it!

Kathryn Yount Aqua - Reply

Your kitchen is so cute! I love it! Where is your fridge?!

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