Motivation Monday – The First Layer

Summer doesn’t start until June 21st, so if you are still telling yourself that you have to get your winter things out of your drawers and get the clothes that are more fit to wear in warm weather into them, how great is it that officially it isn’t summer yet and it is still spring! You aren’t behind,  not even late!

If you are still wrestling with clothes that will keep you toasty warm this is my way of encouraging you to just do it now 🙂 AND purge at the same time.

We only wear the first layer of clothing in our drawers and we wear the same things over and over again… Purging can be really easy if you agree with yourself to SEE clearly and determine what it is you really want.

Don’t think too much. Just ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Streamlined and peaceful?

Or cluttered and chaos?

How long have you been telling yourself you are going to get organized?

It can start right now, with the change in the season.

Do what you can right now to remove everything you don’t need this time of year from your main living areas and your bedrooms and bring in what you do. And at the same time think about what you are keeping.

Remember our number 1 obstacle is too much stuff. You can live an organized life and it can start right now, today! Stop telling yourself it is some monumental task, it starts with a decision, and an action, and one step at a time.

So today, get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, donate them. Get all the toasty warm clothes our of your drawers and closets and replace them with the clothes that are fit for this season, and purge as you go.

You are on the road to order, happy and ready for summer, it’s that simple.

Leave a comment! Let me know what you are thinking, and how you do!



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Jana Steck - Reply

I was just going to finish my drawers today! I’m going to do the masking tape thing.

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