Keeping a Room Clean – Emily’s room

Cleaning a room is easier when with a system.

Emily and I went for a walk for something to eat for dinner. It was a beautiful February evening for New Jersey, it was not too cold at all.

On the way home, I thought we could do a motivation Monday video on Emily’s clean room.

One time about a year ago, Emily came into my room where I was just learning how to use the video equipment and lighting that I had purchased.

She sat in front of the camera and started fooling around (her hair had just been shaved on one side and was really long on the other, I’m sure that had something to do with her desire to get in front of the camera.)

While she was there I stood behind her and said: “Why don’t we do a video about how you got your room cleaned up?”

She playfully replied, “NOPE!”  We had a bit of a back and forth going on and it ended with her saying, “It sucks for them,” meaning the other teens she would be an example for in getting her room cleaned up.

Since then I received lots of emails asking me if Emily ever got her room cleaned up.  So I decided to do a video showing her room and bathroom.

She does keep it clean and tidy.  It certainly isn’t perfect, but we don’t care about perfect, we want happy.

From what I’ve seen, children are either a carbon copy of us or the exact opposite.  Emily is my clone.  She suffers from IGAD disease (I GOT ALL DAY) and really needs to be on the system that I teach to keep her act together.

I have noticed through the years that they really like having daily planning and something to follow. Some kind of direction for what to do and when to do it, without being barked at or told continually.

 In this video, we go into her room, I show her closet, where she does her artwork, her bathroom and her animals.

Good skills are habits we teach our kids, right? 

So this should answer the questions I’ve been getting on about Emily, “Has she gotten her room cleaned up?” : )

Much Love,

The Tidy Tutor

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Don Vassallo - Reply

Emily is adorable. And she does look younger now !!

Don Vassallo - Reply

Emily is adorable. And she does look younger now !!

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