Creating excuses to clean

For this Motivation Monday I thought I would share something that
I hoped would help me finish a project.

I have been putting off painting the woodwork and doors in my kitcen.

I was wondering, what might motivate me to DO IT!

well, while I was at Trader Joe’s I saw these darling sunflowers.
And I thought they could be the motivation I needed!

I painted my kitchen this cheerful yellow and the sunflowers with the
large black center might just do it for me.

“That will be so sweet in my finished kitchen!” I thought!

BUT my kitchen wasnt finished. It was ALMOST finished.
We all know that story don’t we? The procrastinators freaking mantra!

“It’s almost done! Won’t it be great when it is is??!”

You know what they say about best intentions.

I was determined to finish painting and I figured, if I bought those flowers
they could not be enjoyed in that kitchen if it was not done.

I would have to finish before the flowers die!

So next week, I should be done with the video of the finished kitchen
with the sunflowers displayed in a vase on my table!

If you have something that needs to be finished, think of something you
can do that will motivate you to GET TO IT!

Email me pictues, post them
on our facebook page

Let me know how you did!

Much love!





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Lara Garrett Everett - Reply

I Love this! I need to paint my cabinets and woodwork too, since I striiped it all in 2008! Well, I still haven’t stripped the cabinet doors (they are still in the garage. Partially I haven’t been sure if I wanted to paint or stain, and for a while I wanted to Make new doors. Your video inspires me! But first things first, so I’m still working on the de-cluttering that will be finished soon – Much Thanks To You! =-)

Pam Shaffer - Reply

Kathy, you’re the best! What a blessing you are to the world!

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