Motivation Monday – Scheduling life to live it


Getting Organized Really does start with scheduling your days and than keeping your commitment to yourself.

I teach that we need to have days plugged into the week.

The reason for that is because weeks go by and we do, what
I call “a-lot-a-nothin”

One of the days we need to plugin is a Family Day. We can go
weeks without seeing or spending time with people we love,

Even those we live with!

My sister Tina and Maria and I agreed to meet once a month
for lunch. We only live a town away from each other but we
never see each other.

We are probably our favorite people to be with because we
laugh and laugh when we are together.

My sister Maria is the OG (organzationally Gifted) one between
us 3 girls. Every time Maria comes to visit she can’t help but
organize something in our homes.

Today was no different, and it made for a a great video.

I know people who get upset when their family members go into
their homes and get some things done. I don’t understand that.

I love when Maria comes over. You will see that Tina didn’t mine
either 🙂

Now I have to mention that Tina didn’t think that I was going to do
a video (she should have known better) and she had her hair up
with dye in it. So… She wasn’t real happy with me, but she let me
do it anyway. I love my sister(s)

Well, I hope you enjoy it.

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Much Love,

The Tidy Tutor

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Doris Colon - Reply

Maria had me in stitches! And that water pitcher is gorgeous!

Vitina Rizzo Connolly - Reply

the empty water bottles are for my grand-dogs. Doris thank you for saying my pitcher is gorgeous. I don’t agree with my lovely sister that I am a ocd closet something, but that’s ok, I love her anyway. I can’t, at this moment in my life, put certain days aside for example “throw it out Thursday and such, because my top priority is my husband, looking forward to our next luncheon, I will make sure I dress proper, perhaps, an evening gown.

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