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Motivation Monday! We are going to think about tomorrow today.

We can never get this principle too drummed into our heads. (CLICK VIDEO TO WATCH THE VIDEO 🙂

If we aren’t in the practice of thinking ahead, what happens is, the day goes by, and at some point we just don’t want to do anything anymore. 

We have trained ourselves to quit at a certain time. We need to retrain ourselves to keep going until we have prepared for tomorrow. 

Being ready for tomorrow is the most important thing we can do, it keeps us on top of our game and ultimately happy.

We lie to ourselves and say  “I don’t have to get ready, It will take me no time! I’ll do it tomorrow!”

Then, in the morning we are scrambling to get out of the house, losing our tempers and spilling out the front door.

Then you know what happens…  we end up having to run back home because we forgot something, making us late and even more stressed.

I will say it again, preparing for tomorrow is one of the most important things we can do to live the life that we dream of: an organized one.

I know that we don’t want to be like the organized person.

They are ridged and scheduled. We like our spontaneous natures.

We don’t have to be any different than we actually are, but we have to change some of our habits to live the life we want to live.

Shooting from the hip is awesome! I believe it is a valuable skill that only WE OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) possess…

But! To get out of the house in the morning, we cannot shoot from the hip.

So on this Motivation Monday,  I am encouraging  you to think about what you have to do tomorrow.

After dinner, pretend that it is morning and  you are getting ready to leave the house.

I want you to trick yourself into thinking that it is the morning, and do things that will get you out  the door.

I put a bag by my door, I call  (cleverly)  a “Door knob bag”

Get a bag and hang it on the doorknob so that as you are preparing for tomorrow you can stick things in that bag, which will stop you from  spilling out of the house when you leave.

We wait till the last minute about so many things, and then when we are ready to leave the house we end up looking like a crazy person with all  kinds of things in our arms that end up falling to the ground as we walk.

So, please, try this for ONE WEEK and let me know how it went for ya.

Do you have an appointment you have to keep?

Is it at a place you have never been to before? Do you need directions?

Do you need to pick someone up somewhere tomorrow? Should you contact them and make sure it is still a go? Do you have all the info you need to successfully get to them?

Do you need to go to the doctor’s? Do you need to have any paperwork
with you?

Get everything that you need by the door, and put everything that fits in the bag, in the bag.

Put the shoes you are going to wear by the door too, your keys, jacket and also prepare your clothing,. What are you going to wear?

Do you take sunglasses with you? Get them by the door too. Do you bring an iPod and do you need to have earbuds with you?

Think about what you are always searching for before you leave the house, and set yourself up to have those things ready also.

You will be Soooooooo happy if  you employ this habit into your life.

It is a good idea to begin thinking about tomorrow in the morning. Don’t wait until it is late, and you are too tired to do what you need to do.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you did this and how it worked for you.



I absolutely love TTU, it is such a great course! Thank you, Kathy! It is probably the best investment in my life that I’ve ever made. – Olga

Wanted to keep you posted on my progress. I’m up to S. 3.5 (in tidy tutor University) and loving it…. Believe it or not I think your system may save my relationship. I think you’re

brilliant and wonderful. What a blessing you are. – Michaela

Kathy. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made to my whole way of thinking xx thank you -Marie

You have truly changed my life my world, and my home for the absolute better!!!

my life is forever changed 🙂 – Kristyn

I live in Indonesia. I have a more positive image of myself now, after watching your videos. I am not a slob, I am just organizationally challenged. I’ve been doing the morning and evening routines for one week and my life has changed… – Uni

I love your videos they are life changing! -Gabriella

Oh My GOD, you just made my life 100 times easier and funner 🙂 … You don’t know how much

this helps, i’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart – Dia

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