Repurposed 11/6/23 M.M. – Not lazy – Not Unmotivated – No Judging

Getting Organized the way WE are 🙂

Repurposed 11/6/23 M.M. – Not lazy – Not Unmotivated – No Judging I was on a gas-line today (after the hurricane in Jersey, there is a gas

shortage here) and so I did my Motivation Monday video while waiting
for the line to move.

Last week, I did a video while out with my girlfriends, and asked them to
share some of their homemaking tips. Well… the thing is all my girlfriends
are OG (organizationally gifted) and are really wonderful people.

But! I can not use that video because they don’t get it. They were really
preachy… I kinda felt like they thought that we were all stupid… They
talked slowly to us. Like “Yoooou haaaave toooooo puuuuut
aaaawwwwwaaay yoooouur thhhiiiinngggsss” (YIKES!)

That got me to thinking…. I wrote a book called “Finally Organized”

I did it in the fashion of a 12 step program beginning it in a
“Slobs Anonymous” meeting.

Here is the 12th Step For the Organizationally Challenged:

Step 12 – Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of the steps,
we carry this message to other slobs, and practice these principles in
all our affairs.

One of my goals is to break the social stigma society has
in regard to the OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person)

It must begin with us, the OC! We are our worst critics and judge
ourselves way too harshly, lets stop doing that.

If a mess makes you squeemish, you need to find
We are not everyone’s cup of tea, we all can find our space where we can
contribute and be fed.

My point to all of this is: We are real people who have real issues,
there are other real, and just as lovely people, with their own issues,
who just do not get us, and we shouldn’t care, or expect them too.

We need to be able to be transparent and honest if we are going to
support and help each other. Realizing that everyone has their
sh#! is a great first step to accepting what we are, and not feeling
so bad about it.

No judging here. Not by me, not by anyone who I let in here, and
I implore you to go easy on yourself. It is the only way to feel the
joy on the journey. We are not embracing mess, we are embracing
our identities 🙂

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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