Motivation Monday – Breaking the Cycles

Why don’t I do what I know I want to do?

I received an email from a student of mine,
who is taking Tidy Tutor University. It is a course
that helps people who are scattered by nature to
finally get organized.

In the course there are assignments and homework,
things you have to do. She told me that she was working
on dejunking but that there were so many things that she
was not doing, it upset her and she really wanted to know

And that is the subject of this video. First I want to say, that
when you are doing anything, please notice what you are
doing way more than what you are not. When you learn
anything that is new, it is never perfect in the beginning.
Everything takes practice and we are not good at things
right away. Please notice what you ARE doing.

I am going to address, the WHY! You see we all are 3 part
being, we live a in a body we have a soul and we are a spirit.
Whatever we are paying the most attention to will have the
loudest voice, and we will obey that more often.

The spirit is superior to the body and soul, but if not nourished
it becomes the weaker. The body is our earth suit, it contains
the US what we are 🙂 the soul is our mind, will, and emotions,
and our spirit is what we really are. It is the real you, what moves
on after our earth suit can no longer go on.

Our spirit wants what is high and noble. It wants what is best for us.
It wants to go to the gym, and practice piano, and learn that language,
and do the laundry and get the house cleaned up, and even wake up
early in the morning to get a great start to your day.

The body? It wants to sleep late, lay around and do what I call,
‘alot of nothin’ Our soul? It just wants to feel good. It runs on mostly
subconscious thought, it runs on default. BUT it wants to feel good
and be happy, which is a real plus to get it to hook up with our spirit
and tell our bodies to “GET IN LINE!”.

So, when we recognize that, the real you can step up when you
get the thought, “Don’t do the dishes, you can do them later.”
and say… “DO IT NOW! You know you want to, just do it now!”

In this video I get more in depth on what I do to train myself to
live the life I dream of living instead of living in the default mode.

I hope you like it, it is about a 10 minute video and is mobile
riendly. You can listen to it in the gym, on your walk, in your
car or when your cleaning.

Much love to you and please leave a comment. I love to
hear from you!

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Much Love!





The Tidy Tutor

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Bryan J Rojas - Reply

Man am so glad you put god in the picture thank you

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