house cleaning, delegating, doing dishes

For this Motivation Monday we are going to talk about dishes.

If you want to get organized there are TWO things that MUST
take first place in our prioritizing list. And Dishes is one of them.

In this video I talk about the RULES of dish doing, and that
it is an absolute DELAGATE-ABLE job.

Household cleaning needs to be a shared responsibility,
we must delegate.

If you live with ANYONE – they also need to be responsible for
some household chores, for the home they live in.

If it is your children – don’t do them a disservice by not training
them to be independent and helping them to develop good habits.

If it is your significant other, I have found that if we just ASK they
are happy to comply. (Don’t make a laundry list. Start small)

Here is a little script for you to ask your darling child or your
sweetheart for help.

“Darling, every morning there will be dishes in the drain/dishwasher,
could you please take 2 minutes in the morning before you leave for
work/school and put them away? It would really bless and help me
tremendously!” DONE!

Say it with a kind tone of voice, touch them while asking, look
them in the eye, smile and wait for an answer, expect an answer.

Remember we are not in a mess because of our circumstances, we are
in a mess because of our habits. Make this a habit, your life will
change 🙂

Much Love,
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I absolutely love TTU, it is such a great course! Thank you, Kathy! It is
probably the best investment in my life that I’ve ever made. – Olga

Tomorrow I’m having an old friend over for dinner-my first date since I’ve
been divorced! …I NEVER would have considered this before TTU! Yay!!! – Rebecca

Wanted to keep you posted on my progress. I’m up to S. 3.5 (in tidy tutor University)
and loving it…. Believe it or not I think your system may save my relationship.
I think you’re brilliant and wonderful. What a blessing you are. – Michaela

Kathy. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made to my whole way of thinking
xx thank you -Marie

You have truly changed my life my world, and my home for the absolute better!!!…
my life is forever changed 🙂 – Kristyn

I live in Indonesia. I have a more positive image of myself now, after watching your
videos. I am not a slob, I am just organizationally challenged. I’ve been doing the
morning and evening routines for one week and my life has changed… – Uni

I love your videos they are life changing! -Gabriella

Oh My GOD, you just made my life 100 times easier and funner 🙂 … You don’t know
how much this helps, i’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart – Dia

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