Holiday meal planning – food preparation for events

If an event is coming up, preparation is key. Often we leave what we are going to eat kinda till last, figuring that we can always pick up something.

But the fact is having what we need in the house to eat makes the day more enjoyable, and NOT having what we need in the house makes the day kinda sucky.

We don’t have to be like chefs on the food channel. We just have to have what we like on hand, that is all 🙂

This happens to be the 23rd of December upon this writing.

Preparations for food for Christmas Morning, and Christmas Eve is in order.

But really, whether the month is June and there is a graduation, or a wedding is this month, or it is a few days before someones birthday… ANY event needs to be prepared for and having food in the house is makes all the difference.

I have a link here where you can download a Menu plan/Grocery List template to map out what you want and what you need to get, after you do that, go shopping.

What you get is up to you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, things just have to be available.

Maybe a big pot of soup, with some fresh rolls and some turkey breast and cheese can be on hand and available all day when people drop by or when ayone just gets hungry which would be conducive to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Maybe you will get bagels, cream cheese and some nice Orange Juice for a simple breakfast. A nice lasagna, meet balls, rolls and salad is an easy special meal too that heats up really well.

Make your plan and execute it. 🙂

Now… one thing is for sure, on the 26th, Christmas will be coming next year, so will Thanksgiving (if you are in the US) and Grandmas Birthday. These things don’t get put on the calendar last minute. We know they are coming all year long.

Thinking things through, with a plan and encouragement really makes something that could be a Dreadful and a Panic event, into a Delightful and Pleasurable one.

But it doesn’t happen by accident. If we want change we have to do something to make things change.

I am offering my life changing course at half price until the 31st of December. We will have an orientation on the 2nd and we will be on our way.

Now everything is recorded and you will always have access to it, so don’t let scheduling stand in your way from finally getting your dream to become organized off the ground.

I will be there for you every step of the way. We have a facebook page where I am completely accessible. I answer every email and love to encourage and give helpful advice, but New Years is just around the corner and I invite you to get with others who have begun to find the joy and freedom that comes from getting organized.

Here is the link:
Click it, scroll down, enroll, and lets begin a journey that you will never regret or forget.

Much Love!

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