Simplify your life, clothes, how to get organized

In this video/email I talk about how to simplify your life by being prepared with clothes in your closet
that are ready to wear at a moments notice.

Even the most organized person can be caught off guard at times. Life happens to all of us!

Here in this video I talk about what to do if you have a party to go to and you failed to plan for it,
or you are invited last minute to something fabulous and you don’t want to decline because you are
not ready!

Maybe a baby is born, like in my case, or something else unforeseen came up and an invite you received
was forgotten.

I have a few dresses that work great for exactly what I am talking about here.

I call them “Old Faithful”

I don’t care how often I’ve been seen in them or how long I’ve had them.

So often people think that I am a “GET RID OF IT” kind of gal, and I guess I am to some extent… But I am not obsessed with being a minimalist!

If you aren’t sure what to get rid of, Here are the rules:

If you LOVE it, if it ISN’T broken, if it fits on your body or in your house and you use or wear it, it can stay 🙂

I was all ready for a ‘do what I want’ Saturday.

Normally I get dressed and groomed before anything. But occasionally I purposefully hang around in my
PJ’s on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

While I was on-line working a little bit, my iCal popped up with a reminder. “Martha’s Shower 12:00” I had
one hour before the party to get ready and get there!

Because my granddaughter was just born the week before and she lives with me, I had not been on top of my
normal routine.

But still there was no need to panic, I ran to the shower, fixed my hair, put on some make up, and threw on OLD FAITHFUL 🙂

I hadn’t gotten a Shower Card, or the gift as I normally would have on my errand day because I had it in my
planner to do the day the baby was actually born!

So… I went into my binder, (if you have taken Tidy Tutor University you know what I am talking about, it is
part of the system we use to keep all of life’s ‘To-Dos’ at our fingertips)

I grabbed the invite and registration card (you know, where she registered for gifts)…

I ran to a local pharmacy, grabbed a Bridal Shower Card and a Gift Card to the store Martha was registered at and Bada-Boom Bada-Bing I was on my way!

The dress that I wore to this party I have had for about 13 years! I remember because I bought it to wear for my daughter Katie’s baby shower, and Daniel (my grandson) is 12 now!

I don’t feel like I need to always look trendy. Who makes the fashion rules? If it’s classic, or even semi-classic, you love it, and it looks great on you… then, in my opinino, you are golden!

It feels so good to be ready at the drop of a dime, it feels so good to have what we need when we need it. It isn’t difficult, it can be quiet easy, it just takes a plan…

I give you THE plan in Tidy Tutor University. The stress free way, to live an organized life.

Classes are starting April 28! Enroll now… I will not be offering this level of support at this price again. Take advantage of it now while you still can.

Click here to enroll!!!

Much Love

The Tidy tutor

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Faustina Love - Reply

Loved this post! I know what you mean about having those OLD FAITHFULs. I have a couple for church. Like you, I don’t care what anybody thinks. It’s appropriate, clean, and classic AND it fits me. And it’s always ready to go.
Saves so much time having those on standby always ready to go somewhere. But I do need to have an outfit for those other spur of the moment times. Thanks for sharing this!

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