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The holidays are upon us and there are events that we are invited to or would like to attend…

There are often snacks to bring, an entree, desert, or a salad to volunteer to bring along with us.

Often when we respond, we need to let the host or organization know what we will be bringing.

I want you to think this through. I know the temptation to respond with, “My special home made chocolate chip cookies!” or “My Famous Lasagna!”

I am telling you!!! DON’T DO IT!

This time of year calls for some strategic planning! The time to share your famous lasagna is not now.

The organizationally gifted find this time of year difficult. It is no wonder that we, the organizationally challenged find ourselves overwhelmed.

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way!

One way to ensure a pleasant time is to only bring to parties what we can purchase.

Like a case of water, a bottle of wine, a cake from the bakery or a couple of bottles of ginger ale.

If you want home made but know it will push you over the edge, there are some people who bake and you can order from them (my sister does this and I order a crumb cake for Christmas morning from her and cookies for gifts I used to bake myself.)

Do yourself a favor and when you sign up to bring something, sign up to bring the ice!

Please share this with anyone who you think could use it, and comment, I’d love to hear what you think of this idea.

Much Love to you!
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Marylee Meliza - Reply

Thanks, Kathy, I did this for a party before Christmas. It really helped to save time and stress. Your message encourages me to do it for other events.

Marylee Meliza - Reply

It was a fun but busy Christmas with our four grandchildren.

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