Cooking – Organization – Being a homemaker – Motivation Monday

We are cooking today, even though we are all about “organization” is ultimately really about being a homemaker. Getting organized has many facets and being in the kitchen is part of it.

So we make gravy in today’s Motivation Monday Video, or sauce as it is also known, it all depends on what kind of Italian you are to which word you prefer. It is more Italian American cooking I suppose.

No I’m not starting a cooking channel, but inside of We have an icon called “Meals at Home” and this is an example of one of those videos. So, while this doesn’t show “How to get organized?” It does keep with our goal to live a more organized life. In Tidy Tutor University we do a menu plan and Grocery list on our desk day, so it stands to reason that we cook together 🙂

Much Love to you!
The Tidy Tutor

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Adrienne Rizzo Sorensen - Reply

I made two trays of lasagna today! started with a big pot of gravy, meatballs..the works. This video was inspiring. Dinner was done before kids got home from school. Houses smelled good and they were in better mood because of it. Lots of frozen containers too!

Tim Leap - Reply

Same here. I mentioned the sauce Kathy made to Mom. Next thing you know ,steak pizzaolla .

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