Cleaning House, Would a Princess Live Like This?

I did this video in January of 2013. It is appropriate to share today because we have a plan to go through our homes one Room at a time and this video hits home in the area of letting go of things.

Let me give you some background; a Mom (Laurie) and her 8 year old Daughter (Kaylee) began to dejunk together.

Kaylee started to get sentimental about some of her stuffed animals and clothes. One particular dress that her brother gave her became a stumbling block, I know you know how this could happen, even though the dress didn’t fit her anymore she wanted to keep it.

This was a really important moment for Kaylee. We know how many things we accumulate in life and how much sentiment we can place on the stuff that we own, and how buried we can become because of it.

We talked about the fact that she is a princess and princesses don’t care about old clothes and that it could bless some other little girl, she took a picture with it and gave it away!

How would it have been for you at 8 years old to realize that your stuff is not important? How great could it be for you right now to realize that!

In this video I ask the question…

“Would a princess keep old clothes?”
“Would a princess keep something that is broken?”
“Would a princess live like that?”

Life is about living, not about collecting and managing our things.

Somehow we have lost perspective and gave things a higher place than the time that we spen in the lives that we live.

If there are things you love but know you need to let go of, take a picture of it if you need to. Then let it go. Give someone else a chance to love those things.

We are so worthy of a dignified life, a life we live DOING not Keeping and managing.

Let me know how this journey is going for you. I love to hear from you.

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Much Love,

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Teresa Townsell - Reply

Laurie truly has done a wonderful thing for Kaylee, for herself, and her example sets a wonderful example for all of us! You must feel good, Kathy, to be the “guide at the side”! So many successes . . .

Barbara J. Fisher - Reply

I get your point, but I am not a princess. I have my reasons for wanting to hang onto old things sometimes.
Is this hurting anyone?

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