Lets Get Organized – Week 5

Last week our assignment was the mess from cleaning  up a mess…

OR, if you didn’t have one, then you were to look around the house
for something that is unfinished or really needing to be done. Like maybe
you had Christmas stuff still out, or bags to go to good will, or things to
get out to the garbage, or a half painted room, and you were to take care
of those things.

This week is the bathroom
Click the video below… 

Now, here is a link to all the other videos up until now so you can be in the loop…

and here is the link to “Linen Closets” I promised in our “Bathroom” video https://blog.thetidytutor.com/linen-closets-holy-schiza/
Now about last weeks assignment…

There is always a residual mess that accumulates when we are cleaning up a big
mess, and that is what we did the week before. We went into ONE room or section of
the house and organized it. I did my bedroom and there was a mess in my hallway
because of it. I took care of that this week, and Here is the pic of it before and after.

This week we are going to clean the bathroom and I teach you how to keep it
that way. It is called doing “A Bathroom Swish”

If your bathroom is a mess, gross, or just not clean, fist you have to clean it,
and in the video i explain how to maintain it. It takes 5 minutes, it is absolutely
delegatable, and you will feel like you NEVER clean your bathroom!

It will always be compay ready. It is sooooo cool 🙂

Much Love,


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