Motivation Monday – Life Changes

When we have changes going on in our lives, living in a mess can
make a hard situation even harder.

It can make a desire for change difficult to impossible to implement
which is one of the most detrimental consequence of being OC
(Organizationally Challenged).

Some things happen because the have to, we have no choice and the
how these things happen can mean a break up, a nervous breakdown
and or amazing stress to name a few.

For instance, if you HAVE to move, you get it done, but being in
disorder while getting it done, becomes a living hell.

If you HAVE to go to college and work, you will get it done, but the
consequences to you and whoever is in your life is anything but fun.

Worse is if you WANT TO move, or go to school, or anything else,
it often becomes NOT done, attempted, yes, but done? No….

How sad, how very sad, please know I understand. I dreamed of getting
things of the ground and doing things, but I was always cleaning, but
never actually getting anything clean. Always organizing, but never
getting anything organized.

Since I’ve gotten organized: I have written several books, learned to play the
guitar, started 2 business’, went back to school, was in an off broadway play,
got a divorce and have performed and youtub-ed songs I have written. I am
leaving lots of stuff out…

I am telling you that all of those things I dreamed of doing, tried to do and
wished and wished for, but could not get anything going in the full blown
OC mess I was in.

I am just giving encouragement to get something happening. It all starts with
the desire to get Organized and than the action to make it happen.

Here is the action you can take. Don’t let it pass you by.

CLICK ON THIS LINK and do the nicest thing you have ever done for yourself!
Enroll in Tidy Tutor University. Change starts here.

As always: Email, text me or call me with any questions or comments
Phone: 201-290-4549


Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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Lori Brown - Reply

Kathy, I love you! You are so encouraging and it is fun to have you there like a good friend! I have learned some good tips. I’m not overly messy but I need some training in getting things done. I’m not sure what categories you will be teaching in your next session. I am presently living on a boat (by the way our plan is to move to florida too! Must be something about cold winters taking a toll!) and have things pretty organized. Can you tell me your topics? Or if you think I would still benefit? Lori=) You are so cute! LOL

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