Time management – Outings and appointments

Don’t you hate it when you aren’t prepared for an outing even when you knew
it was coming up? We want to be organized so bad!

We always hear about time management and prioritizing, but somehow, for me,
“Time Management” always sounded like it was over my head, and being told to
prioritize just made my head spin!

Doesn’t it seem like only God can manage time? How can we expect to manage
what is not manageable? I suppose we really need to have better time management
skills, but I have found that most things that are addressed in a complicated way
can and should be simplified.

Time management seems complicated. but the concept: “prepare for tomorrow,
today” Now that we can do!

Doesn’t that just bring it down to earth and out of the spectrum of mystery?

When I have an event or a trip coming up, I have a great system to get it all
corrdinated. Talk about relieving stress!

But what about simple things? I go out to dinner with my girlfriends once a month,
we always have a birthday dinner for each of us and we get a gift for whoever’s birthday
it is. We usually go to a BYOB and so remembering wine has to happen also.

Even those simple things can be a real issue. If we hadn’t taken the time to get the
outfit prepared, picked up the gift, made dinner for those at home and arranged things
so that we could leave on time, tempers begin to flair and tension at home ensues.

Something that was supposed to be a joy, becomes a chore. It is the reason we yearn
for the question to be answered “How do I get organized?”

In this video I talk about prioritizing, getting ready for something efficiently. I arrived at my
destination (meeting my date) and thought what a great topic for Motivation Monday.
It was stress free for me because I thought it through, and since the memories of making the
appointments with all the CHAOS attached is still remembered, I so appreciate it when things
go off without a hitch.

I also talk about New Jersye a bit, that is where I live and since so many people think of it as
the armpit of America I thought I would show a tiny bit of it while I was out with my date.

We went to a little city called Montclair, had some dinner at an outdoor cafe, walked around,
sat on a bench quietly on the avenue, and had some frozen yogurt. Jim talks about how he
ironed his shorts and discovered they had holes in them and it set him back because he didn’t
prepare the day before, which is really the way to go…

Well, that’s it, hope you enjoy the video and really think things through when you make plans,
even just getting little things done will make a big difference in getting your life organized.

Really think about it, will you have to take mass transit? Get the train or bus schedule, are you
driving to a place you never have been? Print out directions (even if you have gps) program your
GPS the day before so the address is in there, make sure you have the phone number of the person
you are meeting, have the outfit prepared or at least thought out along with the shoes and jacket if
you need one, know where your keys are, your earbuds and your sunglasses.

This takes such little time, alleviates so much stress, and makes you feel like such a grown up!

Thank you so much for being in my world. Please share this and comment, I love to hear from you!

Much Love!
The Tidy Tutor

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Gusty Nagel - Reply

Hey Kathy….great video….cute couple too. Thanks for all of the good advice. I’m so glad I found The tidy Tutor…gusty.

Jackie Berry - Reply

You are beautiful inside and out..you seem so upbeat – always so upbeat!

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