Somebody’s Coming Sunday!

Let’s adopt a new way to motivate us to keep up with the house. This works great for me.

“Somebody’s coming Sunday!”

If we plan a get together every Sunday or every other sunday we really can FEEL the WANT to get the house together, and not the dread of having to do it.

Also, it helps us SEE things we normally don’t see. You know what I mean, I know you do.

When we aren’t having company coming, we don’t notice the empty box that should have been taken out with the recycling from our latest big purchase.

Or how the front screen door really needs to be scrubbed, or painted.

When we know someone is coming over, cleaning is always much easier, and funner.

Planing a party, or a get together is a great idea when we need to get something done too.

Like maybe you are selling or moving. Maybe you have been really wanting to paint the living room, it can be the excuse to get to it!

Planning a party gives the added PUSH to get things done!

It is like the diet that you finally stick to because of an upcoming class reunion or a soon to be caribian vacation.

The video below is a great aid to get cleaning started if the house is in a real mess, and you don’t know where to start. It is a great way to begin the process of cleaning when you feel overwhelmed.

Now, if you really want to turn things around for good, and not clean in crisis mode all the time, scroll down and enroll in Tidy Tutor University…

Let me know if you try SOMEBODY’S COMING SUNDAY! and how it worked for you!

Much Love,

The Tidy Tutor


Tidy Tutor University is starting April 14th. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT ON THE 14th TO ATTEND!

It is a start date for our support time. You get TTU upon enrollment. And our scheduled coaching calls are recorded.  Call me with any questions 201-290-4549

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