Motivation Monday – With Katie – Clean out the car Extravaganza!

This week for Motivation Monday! My daughter Katie surprised

me with a video!

I edited it, I give my own tips in the beginning of it, and we have got
a FUN absolutely REAL video titled:

“Cleaning Out The Car Extravaganza!”

Katie takes all the STUFF out of her car and puts it all into boxes
and brings it into her apartment, she then demonstrates how she
separates everything and disperses of it.

I suggest that if your car is a wreck! You commit to taking TEN
things out of it every time you go to it.

Also you must realize that OGP (organizationally gifted people)
take care of things in their cars EVERY TIME THEY GET OUT!

They do it daily. That is why it stays clean.

We think we need a mess before we clean up. That has to change,
we have to see that if we do it BEFORE it is a mess, there won’t be one!

Please email me with any questions or comments.

Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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