What does Hollywood know?

I remember when I reached 45 That I was too old to pursue my dreams.

I was filled with regret about how I didn’t do what I always wanted to do, and
now it was too late.

It took me another 5 years to realize that it was BULLSH@# !!!

When I reached 50 something happened, maybe it was the realization that
my father was 50 when I was born! And I know how much life he lived from the
time I was born till he died at 85.

He was brilliant & sharp as a tack till the end. In my mind, he could have done
anything… ANYTHING!

Thinking about him and what he always wanted to do I have to wonder…

why didn’t he do it? For the same reasons most people don’t do what
they’ve always wanted to do. They think they can’t, for whatever
reason we give.

A lot of life was lived in those 35 years. He could have died a
concert pianist. What does it take to nurture a dream? Attitude
adjustment, will, determination, practice, work & a belief that
it is NEVER too late.

Sometimes we are just too….. duped.

Do you ever think you are too old? Listen to this audio. Please.
You will change your mind.

Love you Much!

The Tidy Tutor

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