Tips for Moving, Packing Materials

I’m moving, and in this video I have some packing tips for ya.

Some may think my method is really messy but I say it is THE BEST WAY TO GO!

You know what happened when I was editing this video?

Here is the link to the Room by Room Facebook Group I talked about in the video.

I realized that some people may criticize me for my demonstration on packing because it looks so imperfect. But when I thought about it, the criticicm wouldn’t be coming from you, it would be coming from the OGPs of the world, so, I decided (quite easily) just not to care.

But here is something that I don’t mention in the video because I didn’t even realize it till now.

The feeling of needing to be perfect that us OCPs have, or to get it right, or to be seen as acceptable, the fear of being criticized… stoppes us from DOING!

And what is more right? Doing or not doing? Waiting or acting?

What is more fearful? Being criticized or not fulfilling what our hearts desire?

What is perfect anyway? Is anybody perfect?

Please remember, we have no one to compare ourselves to except for ourselves, NOTHING is about perfect, EVERYTHING is about happy.

Go to the beat of the drum that your maker set your ticker to and dance (live) like no one is watching (a great new topic for a video – stay tuned…) Now to return to to the topic of this blog…

Have you ever moved into a new place with 100 boxes labled “Miscelaneous”? It is a nightmare, believe me, I’ve done it! Many times 🙁

In this video I show how to keep a list of what is in each box and how to label them. I show a method to keep everything together so that on moving day you will know where everything is, and where everything goes.

I show how you can get moving boxes FREE. Of course you can buy packing materials for moving, but I show you how it is BETTER NOT TO BUY A THING!!

I am working on other videos to help with more as I go.

If you’re looking for tips on moving, my channel is about to become “moving central” 🙂

Much Love to you,


Much Love to you,








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Elizabeth L. Rogers - Reply

Good tips, as always! I’ve packed in dish towels, wash cloths, etc. before, too!

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