Motivation Monday! The Bathroom that never needs cleaning

There are two videos on this post, both with the same subject.

THE BATHROOM SWISH! The first one I talk about it, the second one I demonstrate it.

Cleaning house is never fun but have you ever made up a game
so that it was more palatable? Like putting water on for tea and seeing
how much you could get done before it boiled?

Or while watching TV you get up and clean during commercials like you are
playing “Beat The Clock!” and frantically work before the show comes back on?

We want the house clean, but we really don’t want to do the house cleaning.

This isn’t exactly a house cleaning game, but it is a way to clean a bathroom
so that you feel like you actually never clean it, and it is always tidy and
ready for company.

Here is what I do to keep the bathroom like I have a cleaning service, I call it a bathroom swish.

I learned it from Pam Young and Peggy Jones authors of “Sidetracked Home Executives.” and have been doing this for over 23 years now!
CLick the Video below to watch

Right after I shower in the morning I do a quick “Swish”

I Spray some kind of cleaner on the shower and bathtub tiles.
And I use a squeegee, but if you don’t have one, just use a rag.
Then I spray the bathtub and I just wipe it out.

I Quickly Windex the mirror, sink & vanity area and wipe it down.
I Sprinkle some kind of toilet cleaner & I do a toilet
swish with the toilet brush & then I spray the seat and tank
and wipe those down.
(Don’t use windex or anything with bleach it will discolor a toilet seat)

This takes under 10 minutes for ALL OF IT! Then all you have
to do once a week is wash the bathroom floor. You can do that
while still naked before or just after you get out of the

I am telling you it will feel like you NEVER CLEAN the bathroom!
I know it doesn’t SOUND that way, but trust me, it really is that way!

Much Love,


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Terry Lynn Boyer - Reply

Kathy, you are so “real” and I love your honesty on how you do things in real life. A glad your towel didn’t fall off. (Smile)

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