Using Our Binder As Our Planner

Scheduling life
Our Routine in action

In our Tidy Tutor System that was inspired by Pam Young and Peggy
Jones authors of the book “Sidetracked Home Executives”:

We construct a binder. I show exactly how it is done through a demonstrative
video, which is part of my course, Tidy Tutor University.

Step by step we construct the binder together.

My students also recieve the downloads for each page that are easily
customized to fit their lifestyle. (Classes start March15 if you want in!)

In the video above I actually demonstrate the binder in use for scheduling life.
it is part of our daily routine that is imperative to adhere to.

Doing this stops us from being overbooked, overdrawn and overburdened.

No longer are we behind the 8 ball, feeling bad about missing
birthdays, frantically running to appointments, straining our relationships
because we’re always late.

Feeling the pain of  late fees because we forgot to pay a bill on time is
also a thing of the past.

This system absolutely changes all that. It works if you work it!

Forward this to anyone you think could use it, and leave a comment,
i love to hear from you!

Much Love!



The Tidy Tutor

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