Are there any good excuses for a mess?

If you are living at home in a mess and want “House Beautiful” but can’t figure out how to keep it that way, I can tell you that one of the most necessary things to do is: Stop Making Excuses. There can be NO EXCUSES for living in a mess, because an excuse is a reason, and as long as you have a reason there can be no change. I will show you how being disorganized is not because of existing circumstances it is because of our habits.

In this video, I discuss things that may seem harsh, like how a near fatal car accident that leaves someone crippled and in a wheel chair is no excuse for living in a mess at home, and how a disease such as cancer cannot be used as an excuse for why the house is in disarray.

I give these examples in my video. The person in the car accident was me. I explain how I learned how to get organized about 2 years before the accident, and so my home was in order before it occurred, and stayed in order after.

Even though I had 4 children under the ages of 10 at the time, my house stayed in order, even after I got home and was in a hospital bed, still in traction for 2 months. When I got out of that bed, the way I got around was in a wheel chair and also by sitting on my butt and pushing myself up and forward with my hands.

Because I learned what to do, what not to do, and taught my children the same thing, the “what was devastating for my family” was not made worse by a disaster at home.

Now for the example of cancer. Unfortunately I have had more than my share of experiences with cancer, not personally but with loved ones. In this video I tell the story of a woman I helped, who was bedridden at home in the late stages of cancer.

I wanted to do something, and so I volunteered to go to her house once a week and clean.

I thought that I would have to shovel her out. After all, she had 2 children under the age of 5 at home, her husband had a full time job and was going to school at night and she had a sickly mother living with her.

What I found astonished me. There was no mess. The only things that had to be done were things that required elbow grease. There was a bathtub ring, the mirror in the bathroom had toothpaste splattered on it, the floors needed to be washed and vacuumed.

But there were no dishes in the sink, there was no garbage lined up in the kitchen, the table did not have last night’s dinner plates left on it, there were no clothes on the floors, or towels left strewn in the bathroom.

How could that be?! I can tell you how… and this is going to sound really simple… They had good habits.

When they took off a piece of clothing, it either went in the hamper or away. When the hamper was full they did a load of laundry. When they used a dish or glass they washed it. When they opened up a package of something they threw it away.

I want you to listen to me. This kind of behavior does not come naturally for everyone! I often talk about the right and left brain and the differences between them. If you are right-brained you lack the administrative side. That is the side that knows how to break things down into little pieces, the side that knows how to delegate and prioritize.

Our right brains see the entire picture and can’t decide what is priority, because in our minds EVERYTHING is a priority, and how can we delegate when we don’t know what to do ourselves?

When I realized that there was no excuse for the mess I was living in, things began to change. You see, an excuse is really just a reason. As long as we have a reason, we are bound to stay as is.

Do you see that?

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Much Love to you!

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Hal Merrill - Reply

I love your videos, especially this one. It is very motivational. I’m going to clear off the dining room table right now!

Hal in Seattle

Roger Heisler Jr. - Reply

Great Video! You’re so good at communicating without being judgemental.You truly understand right brain people! Thanks,Kathy!

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