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Once upon a time, I was desperate for a “Normal life” I wanted so badly to be like my friends and family who were so organized.

They did not live like me, they had it all together.

I used to wonder, “How do they know? How do they know what to do and when to do it!? I was so jealous!

When I had a party it was weeks in preparing, but since I was a procrastinator (because I had no clue where to start) I would give it the real push, the week the party was scheduled.The last 2 days before were lived in a blur.

I always said to myself “Next time things will be different!” and I couldn’t have been more resolute!

But without knowing how to change things, of course, my next time was just the same. Nothing ever changed.

I would dash and stash so many things before a party.

I was finding important papers and things I had been looking for, for months later in the most unusual places.

When I asked myself, “How did that get there!” I would just have to think back to my last get together, “Oh yeah, I shoved it there when I hosted our last girls night.”

Of course being OC (Organizationally Challenged) didn’t only effect my ability to have company.

My relationships suffered, or were nonexistant. My dreams fell by the wayside, and my self-esteem was in the toilet.

Things are so different for me now, and they can be for you too! If I reformed my slob ass, anyone can!

I had a baby shower for my daughter Emily at my house (see video above) but I had a commitment at church till 12:45 on the same day, and the party was at 2:00.

Everything was set up and ready the day prior, all I had to do was heat up the Vodka sauce I made the night before, mix it together with the pasta and pop it in the oven.

I had to tie the balloons to the flower vases that I set up the day before for decoration, put the Ice in the Ice bucket, and enjoy myself.

Truly! It is a joy.

Here is what Jennifer wrote:

“It is wonderful. To be able to have last minute company or even unexpected guests and it’s no big deal. The amount of stress that would normally go with that is awful. Not having that stress and being able to say “sure, come on over” is priceless.” – Jennifer

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I will see you on campus!

Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor

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