M.M. Having fun even if it feels wrong

When we are so used to living a certain way we can
really become stuck in a rut. Often we feel guilty
enjoying life, and that has everything to do with
the comfort zone we have been used to living in.

It is difficult to be happy and have fun when we
THINK we are doing something that is not quite right.
You know…when something FEELS wrong!

We want to be organized, and we want to live in a
clean house. Ultimately we want to be happy, but it
is funny how we often feel frozen when we are faced
with change. Even good change.

I was supposed to do my kitchen video for this Motivation
Monday, but I was down the shore with my brothers and
and even though I did so much work in my kitchen, I haven’t
finished the video of it yet. (I do show pics of my kitchen
in progress in the video above)


So for this Motivation Monday I touched on what I was
going through deciding if I should have fun or go home.

You see most of my brothers and sisters went home
Sunday afternoon, Maria and Nick stayed, and I decided to
stay too.

BUT I began to feel guilty about it. I SHOULD go home!
But why?

I had my Mac with me, I didn’t NEED to be home, but why
did it feel so wrong?!

It was because it was out of the norm, I was not in my
comfort zone any more and I felt that familiar pang of
SOMETHING that I couldn’t explain.

The fact is, life changes, and we have to change along
with it.

Sometimes it FEELS wrong, but that doesn’t make it wrong.
Just like physical exercise hurts and we feel like it is
good, BECAUSE it hurts, sometimes we have to recognize
that feeling bad isn’t always bad.

I stayed in LBI with Nick and Maria and had a great time.

You go with me on the walk where I talk about my dilemma,
when I am on my way to meet them, and you even come along
to the tavern with me for a little bit.

How much life do we miss while doing what we THINK is right?
Let’s take the time to enjoy life while we are cleaning it up 🙂

Much Love to you!
The Tidy Tutor

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