M.M – The Clothes We Take Off

This new habit was life changing for me! So much changed when I began to implement this in my life.

When you take your clothes off, to either go to bed,or just simply to change out of work clothes, what do you do with them?

Most of us have a habit of putting them over a chair or something in our room, like maybe a tread mill.

The reason for this is, we think that we might wear it again, after all, “May be I only wore it for 1/2 a day and it isn’t dirty.”

And we think, we can’t put it away though, because we wore it!

If we know we aren’t going to wear it again, that is different, it usually ends up on the floor.

For those of you who have gotten my tips you know the “It Goes Where it Goes” habit/tip.

Here is the link for that:

Tidy Tutor Tip – It Goes Where it Goes

That tip goes hand and hand with this message.

Doing what I suggest here, and in this video is a very small shift in behavior that is a very large contributor to seeing change in many ways!

A definite “Rock Your World!” event.

So, here is what we are doing this Motivation Monday. We are going to be conscious of what we do with the clothes we take off.

If it will be something we will wear again, it gets put away NOW.

Here is the link for the “Do it Now” habit.

Tip #2 – Do It Now

If you feel you can not put it away, then it goes in the hamper!

And another thing is this. If you wear a ratty old t-shirt or old ripped, or junky sweats to bed, stop!

Get rid of them and get yourself some pajamas, something decent to sleep in.

We need to begin to respect ourselves inside of our homes as well as outside of them.

Dressing in a way that makes you feel good in public is how you should dress in private.

Respecting yourself at home is a great start to seeing that you are important, not just because company is coming.

It is what successful people do. I can’t go on with the psychology of this now. It is something I go in depth with in my course, Tidy Tutor University… (Coming soon!!! 🙂

For now, please take my word for it, it makes a difference and definitely contributes to living the organized life you always dream of.

In a nutshell: Put it away or in the hamper, sleep in nice pj’s 😉

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