Sentimental Storage – Becoming Minimalist

This week for motivation Monday, I want to talk to you about the things we have tucked away in places that we feel don’t really matter because we never go there.

Like maybe our attic, a space under our bed, a spot in our closet that is out of the way, maybe on a high shelf somewhere.

These are places that we often will put things that we don’t quite know what to do with.

We know that our number one obstacle is too much stuff, but still we will keep certain sentimental things in storage because if it is only a few things, it can feel like it doesn’t matter.

This has happened to me recently. It isn’t like I didn’t catch it when I was dejunking, I thought the sentimental clutter I had was okay being there.

There was a broken figurine that I came across in my attic. It was a Lenox Bride in it’s original box. Her hand was broken off, it was a perfect break, and it felt wrong to toss it. So, I just put it in the attic in the corner.

But the thing was, I never really liked it, even though I wasn’t exactly sure why I didn’t.

Now that I’m thinking minimalism, it’s a whole different ballgame. I sincerely think that having a minimalist mindset is the key for you and me to finally let go of our stuff and not feel so attached to it. You will see exactly what I am saying if you give it a try!

My first experiment was on my porch. Here is the video so you can see what my thought process was regarding minimalism at first.

It really did transform my thinking.

If you think minimalism, and you think quality of life, and your authentic you, and then you ask yourself, “Do you really want to keep these things?” “Have I kept these things as a part of my identity?”

You have to admit that sometimes it feels like our things are literally attached to us in some way, that our things define us, and in many ways they do.

Allowing our things to have so much power, can feel confining. It kinda takes us and puts us in a box, and because our stuff is there, we are stuck there.

This Lenox Figurine is finally going! With her broken hand and all! I’m hoping that you look into thinking minimalism while you are dejunking, because it really does free you up.

I think you will find that it makes you feel more happy.

I’m so thankful that you’re on this journey with me and that I’m able to help you not step in the holes I have. I show you exactly where they are!

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Much Love to you!


The Tidy Tutor

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Darlene Mistretta - Reply

Hi I think I want to try it nit sure if I am ready for it or what it intails….I emailed you I have a sick husband and I don’t know my future all I know is he can not help me with a thing mentally or physically. …and not having to deal with stuff will help…..but then the not having money or sentimental ties pulls me in to keeping some of it what’s your advice

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