Getting what you want, hairstyles

Are you used to NOT getting what you want?

Sometimes, being Organizationally Challenged makes us accept things, we otherwise wouldn’t.

Do you ever settle for “OK” because it is just easier?

How often have you complained about haircuts, or some work you had done, but really
if you dug deep you would see that you just never exerted yourself.

Or more accurately, you never really expected to get what you wanted.

Maybe you find yourself overworked, overburdened, overbooked and overdrawn so often that you are too exhausted to care anymore about what you really care about.

When we are running late, behind or on empty, it is easy to just throw our hands up and
say “It’s good enough.”

I’m here to bring this to your attention. Because an entire house can be flooded, one drop at a time, it very well may be that you don’t even see what is happening.

Are you neglecting yourself? It doesn’t happen overnight.

Settling, really has to stop. Our life runs the way we tell it to. This can change.

Do you say “It doesn’t matter.” a lot? or “So what, It’s fine!”

Think about what those statements really mean.

We need to contradict those affirmations, change them from the negative to the positive,

“It doesn’t matter,” becomes: “Everything about my life matters!” and “So what, It’s fine!”
becomes: “So wonderful! It’s perfect!”

Do you see how different each of those statements make you feel?

I got a haircut about 6 weeks ago. I needed it to be adjusted, it was too long on the sides, and I couldn’t style it myself.

There was a time when I felt that it was more trouble than it was worth to ask for what I wanted.

People who provide a service are in business to STAY IN BUSINESSES! They care about
excellence and want happy clients.

Begin to think of yourself as important. What you want is important, how you feel
is important, every small detail that makes you happy is important.

In the Sea of life, we can approach it with a tea cup or a swimming pool…

What we show up with won’t make a difference in the ocean of life.

Arrive with a swimming pool… and fill ‘er up!

Go for the good that life has to offer, it begins with a decision.

In this video I talk about hair products and how important they are to looking
fabulous and how NOT using them, makes us look like… well, not fabulous 🙂

If you are in the baby boomer generation then you know that there was no hair product
back then.

We let it fly, freedom was our motto, and so if you had curly hair it was an Afro.

If you had straight hair, you were golden and either let it flow or put it in braids.

It is OK NOT to know everything, and it is your right to ask for help when you need it.

Feeling like you deserve the best is a great start.

Don’t let the dis-order get the best of you, one habit at at time, we will live the life we dream of!

Much Love to you,

Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor


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Connie Bryan Noble - Reply

Oh, my goodness! He could cut my hair any day! Talk about cute and nice! LOL! I have been married all my life, but I am not dead! Seriously, what a cute cut! I have very wavy curly hair and I know what you mean about using product to straighten it out a little.

Terry Boyer - Reply

Love your new shorter haircut and Mike is too cute – kissing you cheek – awww! Products are so important these days and there are so many to choose from, we need help!

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