M.M. – One Room A Week

Chose one room this week. Monday to Sunday. (If you opened
this up on Wednesday don’t use that as an excuse to not do
something. There are LOTS you can get done in 4 days 🙂

Set a timer for either 2 different 30 minute jaunts, or ONE
50 minute, each day this week. (If all you can get in is one
30 minute sprint on some days, that is still great, and completely
acceptable – hell, 15 minutes a day is acceptable!)

We can begin to report our progress to each other on Facebook,
and get continued support!
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Remember, doing nothing gets us nowhere!
Start from the inside out, don’t worry about CLEANING if it
is a real wreck. Just concentrate on getting rid of stuff.

Determine a starting point of your room, if the room you chose
is the kitchen and you start at the sink, then open up the cabinet
and begin inside of it, then work clock wise from there throughout
the week, from the inside out.)

Go through everything as if you are moving to the island of your
dreams, or the city of your dreams, living the life of your dreams
in a much smaller space than you have now.

What would you keep? What would you take with you?

Get rid of what I list here: Things that you don’t love, CAN’T use,
is broken, doesn’t fit you (or anyone else) things you DON’T use,
WON’T use, never use, have no room for, or you have too many of.

And find a happy place for things you are keeping. (Things that go
in another room, just put in it, don’t sweat any other rooms this week)

If the place is not ‘dirty’ then clean as you go, if it is a wreck, don’t
worry about clean till the next time you hit that room.

And don’t be all mad about not getting to the dirt, if the oven hasn’t
been cleaned in 6 years, another month won’t make a difference 🙂

We can begin to report our progress to each other on Facebook,
and get continued support!


Together, we will dig out, and start enjoying life!

Please email me with any questions or comments.
Email: Kathy@TheTidyTutor.com

Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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