Going On Too Long!

This has been going on for way to long.

While on the plane ride home from Texas I was
reviewing videos I had on my iPhone and came
across this one (that I hadn’t used, until now).

I said to myself “Holy Mackerel! This has been
going on for way to long!”

Us OC’s (Organizationally Challenged) we have
a much higher tolerance for ‘stuff’ than our OG
(Organizationally Gifted) counter parts.

We can justify, ignore, put off, mull over, deny, step over,
succumb and accept, way to many unacceptable things much
longer than most.

This is a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because it allows us to put off the
stress that causes so many physical and psychological

It is a curse because we are absolutely not being true
to ourselves, and end up living a life we do not want to

(It’s like we have to hit bottom before we can make a
change or something!)

I did this video the last week of August.

I reveal that I am in a mess at home and since
that video in August not much has changed around here.

Now it is not the kind of mess I used to be in.

Thank God that because of the system I’ve learned
and the habits I had formed, because of working
it, what happens now does not have the devastating
consequences that it used to have.

But I can see a slippery slope beginning here, and if it
can happen to me, it can happen to you.

And that is the reason for my transparency. Hind sight is
20/20, take my hindsight and avoid the hole that lays before you.

Or at least recognize when it appears and say,
“Hey! I know what you are! Kathy told me about you! I’m
going to step around you!” Or if you have already fallen in
you can say “I’m getting out of this hole now!”

There is nothing good about a slippery slope. There is
no control on that ride, and one becomes the victim of

Only children are victims. Adults are willing participants.

Now while life may be happening all around you, as I
illustrate in this video, you are still wonderful just as you
are, even if you never pick up a sock or wash a dish.

We must remember the No-excuse rule! My life circumstances
do not make a mess, my behavior and actions do.

But as I have discussed in a previous video (included below)

Happy anyway – Plan B

A shift has got to occur. We can not continue to do the same
things or there will be no change.

This theme will continue, we will get to the bottom of
our dilemma of wanting order, but not achieving it.

I promise you, you can have it, I’ve been there and done that.

This sh!# works! But… only if you work it, and have support…
And that you have got!

Life is not perfect, but regardless, we can live a life
that we are proud of, it all starts with a decision.

You know when I was in college I learned in a class called
‘human growth and development’ that change is the hardest
thing for the human to go through, even good change.

Give yourself a break, but don’t cut yourself any slack.

Let’s do what we gotta, so that we can have what we wanna 🙂
(Translation: Let’s do what we have to, so that we can have what
we want to)

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