Motivation Monday – Stop Procrastinating (easy for you to say!)

This week for Motivation Monday we are going to do
something in the house that we have been putting off.
Things don’t take as long as we think they do.

Procrastination is such a foolish thing. We ignore things,
and we really don’t know why. It makes us lose sleep and
causes us to be unhappy.

Are you a procrastinator? I really don’t like putting labels on
people, or myself. I am not THIS or THAT!
Maybe I have a bad habit to break but that does not make me

Do you want to stop smoking? Do you call yourself a “Smoker”
you can say “I smoke” I suppose, BUT do you have to adopt it
as an identity? When we call ourselves something, perhaps
we are cementing something in, that we really don’t want


For this Motivation Monday we are going to work on something together.

Do you have things that are unfinished at home? Things that loom
like a beacon calling your names as it lights up in your imagination?

The OG can easily say “Stop Procrastinating” to us, but it isn’t that
easy to do. There is something attached to it, it isn’t about not
wanting to do something, it isn’t about not being able to do something,
it is deeper than that.

I really think it is like handing a 2 year old keys to a car and telling
them to start it and drive. How? They don’t know how? Maybe they
know where the key goes after seeing it happen so many times, but
how will they know to turn the key, till the car starts?

And even if they figure out how to get that far. How will they know
to put it into gear? And what if it is a stick shift? How will they manage
that? They couldn’t, not one of us can do anything effectively if we
have never learned how to do it.

So many people google “How do I get organized”

I will tell you how to get organized, it is knowing what needs to be done,
when to do it, doing one thing at a time that you have determined to do,
learning new habits, and recognizing and leaving behind the ones that don’t
serve you.

The key word there is “Determined to do.” We need a plan, we need
direction. Without it, we are like lightning, lots of potential power,
flashed in the sky, without harness, it’s just that, a flash in the sky.

How many people have had someone come to their homes, and
organize for them, at great financial expense, only to be in the
same mess 3 months later? LOTS!

Organizing is not our issue, keeping it organized is. It is a learned skill,
and I teach it.

We just want an answer to this question “how can I be happy?”

What I do really isn’t about helping people to get organized, it is
really about helping people to get happy.

It is impossible to be happy walking out of a messy bedroom, tripping
over things on the way to the kitchen, wanting to get a glass of water
but all the dishes are dirty, wanting to have company but being to
embarrassed to let them see the house, we invite no one, ever.

None of that is happy, it makes us sad, and sometimes even depressed.

My daughter Emily is going to college and I was thinking what great
lengths we go to, to learn how to make a living, but we do very little to
prepare for that life we are working so hard for, to live.

Tidy Tutor University is a tiny percentage of the cost of getting an
education, but it is the one thing that will make the biggest difference
between what it is your are trying to accomplish ultimately…
which is enjoying the life that we have been given to live

If you are Moving, buying a house, having a baby, getting married or going

to college, all things that have huge price tags attached to them them, it
seems only logical to add Tidy Tutor University to the budget.
The one thing that will help you to ENJOY and manage what it is you are
working so hard for and spending so much on.

This week for Motivation Monday we are going to determine ONE thing
that we would like to see DONE and do it. May be decide to take
15 minutes a day and work on that one thing, or take 1 hour, or just to do
something till it is finished.

That is what I am doing. I am painting my door in the kitchen. I can’t
get into it here, but I talk about how, against painting wood is to men.
It seems like it is an extension of their P _ _ _ _ (I actually say the word
in the video.)

If you haven’t taken TTU, click on the link below and get the first session
free, practice what is suggested and then, when your life changes, and
it will, enroll.

Go to Http:// and take the first session free.

Much Love to you!

The Tidy Tutor



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