Family meals, favorite family recipes, Creative and different meal ideas

Getting organized is much more than knowing where your keys are.

Having creative and different meal ideas and being able to
get the meal prepping down, as well as having all you need in
the house to make your favorite family recipes, is all part of
living an organized life!

Here I show how we live our own “Food Network”

We all need new and different meal ideas. We want our meals
to taste great but also we want easy recipes.

Getting take out all the time can be expensive and make us
overweight. Planning is KEY! And, so is support. Which you have
with me 🙂

While we ask the question: “How can I get organized?” We know that
we are also asking, how can I live at home happy and nothing includes
happy like meal time, and the food that we bring to the table.

What you will see here is part of Meals at home. We are making
grilled cheese together. Simple but sooooo good 🙂

Let me know what you think. I can get a bit silly.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Much Love!




The Tidy Tutor

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Terry Lynn Boyer - Reply

You are so crazy funny – all Mom’s should be as funny and creative as you are! L O V E the songs! Can’t wait to try the mustard on my grilled cheese sandwich next time I make them!

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