TIOT – My Bedroom/My Closet

This week for Throw it out Thursday, we are in my room,
I show you around and we de-clutter my closet. People
are always telling me they don’t enough space, and asking
me if I have advise about all of their excess clothes,
how to store them. I tell them, GET RID OF WHAT DOES NOT
FIT! (On your body and in your house)

My house was built 1920, and nothing has been done to it

since then, except gas lighting was replaced with electric,
the coal stove was replaced with a gas one, and the kitchen
furniture became kitchen cabinets in the 1950’s. In almost
every room there is only one outlet and the lights are still
push button…

Otherwise it is as it was. My bedroom is purple because it
was my daughters first, and when I had to move into it because
my son moved in and had to take my room (don’t ask, long story)
I did not want to paint, so, it is what it is. It is also VERY

I have a wood floor painted white and windows that really should
be replaced 🙂 Otherwise… it is home sweet home.

Having said all that. I give you the Tidy Tutor Tiny Tour.

My room is about 9×10 and the closet is the size of a postage
stamp. Wait, I will measure it. It is 3’1″ x 20 inches.

People who live in those houses that we envy, free of clutter
and so clean, get rid of stuff on a regular basis. We need to
take time once a month, dedicated to dejunking sections of our

Today I did my closet and you do it with me. I get rid of a coat
because it is the end of March and I hadn’t worn it all winter.

I get rid of a shirt that I loved/love but I have had it for
many years, 5 at least from what I see of pics of me on facebook,
and I didn’t wear it once all year. So that was GONE too.

I got rid of belts hanging on closet door (HOOKS ARE THE BOMB!)

I show you how I keep my dry cleaning apart from my laundry,
and where I keep my bras (very convenient)

So that’s it for this TIOT. Please click on the video, and
like it.

Email me, Kathy@blog.thetidytutor.com Let me know what your thinking,
I love to hear from you.

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Much Love!



Kathy The Tidy Tutor

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Teresa Townsell - Reply

Well said! Live in the space you have! I live in a 1920 house/cottage, too, and I regularly go through my closet to tidy and/or throw out! If it won’t fit in my closet, then where is it supposed to go? (thinking… thinking…) Exactly!

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