Be organized, with less stress, while running errands with your kids

You know how we can be short with our children when we are under stress? I have a little tip which makes a way to be kind to them under pressure and running errands. When we have to pay attention to things, but they want us to pay attention to them it can get hairy.

Here is something I learned when my 5th child was 2. Boy I wish I knew it sooner! My learning curve is your 20/20 🙂

This can really help you to make running errands with your kids virtually stress free. While we can’t eliminate stress we can make our days easier and this is one way to do it.

I called it ‘Quiet as a mouse time” instead of trying to answer their questions when I was at the checkout for example – I taught them a little game.

Here is what I told them. “Mommy made up a new game called Quiet as a Mouse Time Here is how it works. Sometimes we are going to be quiet as teenie tiny little mice. I will tell you when, and I will tell you when quiet as a mouse time is over, OK?”

Somehow this was so fun for them 🙂

I said it in the sweetest most whispery voice I could so that they would be excited when the time came for me to let them know that Quiet as a Mouse Time was upon us!

If your children have to be reminded, if they begin to speak, after Quiet as a Mouse Time has been declared, then you gently say “OOPS! It is quiet as a mouse time, remember?”

Other times that I use Quiet as a Mouse time is when I am putting the food in the car, bringing the food into the house and if I am having a private conversation or on the phone.

Sometimes you will have to set them up with coloring books and crayons, or in front of a tv show and let them know that it won’t be very long until Quiet as a Mouse Time is over. Always praise them when they have been a quiet little mouse, and give them your full attention right after that to enforce their compliance next time.

Works like a charm, gives them the respect they deserve and you the peace you need.

Much Love,
Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor
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Tim Leap - Reply

I used to bribe ‘my kids’ with ice cream. Worked pretty good.

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