M.M. – Fixing holes in a wall

Some DIY to distract us a bit from organizing.

If you have been working on getting rid of clutter, and learning how to get organized, I find that as you are working on it, you might want to have a distraction from it. Because it is how we tick. Staying to long on the same project makes us not happy.

I like to have a healthy distraction to keep me on track, because most of us feel that we have an “:add disorder”, and so this works with how we tick. Like I always say, “if you can’t beat them, DON’T!”

So while you are working on getting rid of stuff, and home organization, you can also do some home projects, in between, stuff that makes your house look better, after all, is what we are working toward.

This is a little ‘how to fix up a house’ diy. I know it isn’t exactly organizing tips that you are used to getting from me, but honestly you know that as we work on how to get organized we also work on “life stuff”.

this is a how to project that I just had to do. Being a women over 50 and divorced I find I have to do home diy stuff that I was not used to doing before. I figured that I wasn’t alone, so in this video we do a wall patch, we actually fill a hole in a wall using tile cement, I even use a drywall sander 🙂

So lets do it! As we are working on decluttering, let’s get some home maintenance done that will make us feel good all at the same time : )

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