New Hairstyles, taking care of yourself

When we struggle to get organized, it is very common that we don’t take care of ourselves. Putting ourselves on the back burner is a familiar practice for many of us.

With so much to do, it is often difficult to find time for self care.

Sometimes we think if the house is such a mess we don’t have the right to pamper ourselves or take time for us.

The truth is, it is necessary. And I want to remind you that you are not your environment. We so often identify with how we are living that we think it is who we are, it isn’t.


If we live in a mess it effects our self esteem. We often think that something is wrong with us and so we don’t take care of ourselves because of it.

Sometimes too, what happens is, we don’t feel like we need to take care of ourselves unless we have somewhere to go.

It is very important that we take care of ourselves. A study that was done called “The Power of the Situation” revealed that it really matters how we are dressed. That we will actually elevate our abilities or our abilities will decrease based on how we are dressed and groomed.

It really can become a slippery slope when we are Organizationally Challenged. On one hand we are in a mess so we don’t take care of ourselves, on the other hand, when we don’t take care of ourselves it can make us feel bad, and we feel justified to live in the mess.

It has to start somewhere. Somehow we have to get it across to ourselves that we are important, that our lives are important and that we deserve to feel great about ourselves even if the house is a wreck and we have nowhere to go.

In this video you come to Teeze Salon with me in Lyndhurst NJ. Mike Bazzo, who was my hairstylist (I love him!) was wonderful, and I show you how I discuss with him what kind of haircut I wanted and you see how he interacts with me. We also discuss the feeling many of us often have going into a salon and how it can be intimidating.

I really changed my look. I got a short haircut and it made me nervous to do it, even though it is what I wanted.

If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in years, I encourage you to do it. Sometimes we have to shake things up to see change in our lives and to feel happy. This is one way of making that happen!

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Much Love,
kathy Roberts

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Janice Rickert - Reply

You look Great!!

Tim Leap - Reply

Got a good look at the new cut . Just perfect .

Danka Schoen - Reply

Absolutely amazing refreshing hair cut – and I like the little adjustment you did for yourself – YEY fresh as the air in the spring – keep shining!!! Loving hug xxx

Jackie Berry - Reply

You have an adorable personality ~ so much fun. Love the cut….I’m still wearing the long hair from high school – have been thinking of shaking things up ~ you might get me going~ keep sharing videos

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