M.M.- Preparing for Plans



My friend Bob and I went to a party and it is at the party where
I do this weeks Motivation Monday.

It was last minute and so I couldn’t prepare. Don’t you hate
it when you need to go to a party or a wedding and you haven’t
gotten things together?

When you are an OG (organizationally gifted) it isn’t horrible,
but still it does create some havoc. My sister who is really organized,
if she leaves for a party unprepared her house is in a bit of

But the thing is with organized people, things don’t
get crazy because they don’t have to pull everything out of
their drawers, or the hamper, to find something, .

They just get what they need, and while they may have several
sets of clothing out on their bed and ironing board it is a quick
fix when they arrive home.

I can remember the mayhem that would ensue getting out of the house
for an event. Running out to the store for stockings, getting the outfit I
wanted to wear out of the closet only to find that it needed to be dry
cleaned or had a button missing.

Not being able to find the mate to the pumps I wanted to wear.

Without the good habits in place, and with all the clutter everywhere, and
excess of everything, the house looked like a cyclone hit it by the time we

I know you can relate to this. It sounds like no big deal, but when
you are living it, it really can be a sad situation. It almost takes the
joy our of going to festive occasions.

(forget it if you were preparing an entire family to go somewhere!)

I thought that everyone experienced these things, I found out that wasn’t

It does not have to happen. If OGP (Organizationally Gifted People)
find life in disarray when not prepared for an event, is it any wonder that us
OC (Organizationally Challenged) find ourselves beside ourselves?

Definitely we want to run away from ourselves. But alas, we
take ourselves with us wherever we go. Preparing may not seem
to be the fun thing to do, I still hate to do it. BUT it sure makes
life more funner.

Getting rid of the clutter does more than make you happy when
you walk in the front door, it also brings you peace in your every
day existence and takes those potentially harried moments and
defuses them.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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