Kathy Roberts believes that no one is dis-organized, just as no one is dis-musical. Just as everyone can learn music, everyone can learn order. She creates life changing tutorials and videos for thousands of viewers and readers. She is a self-professed ‘reformed slob’ who helps others just like her to find order and love themselves just as they are, even if they never pick up a sock or wash a dish.

I was born a slob. That is not a bad thing, it simply is a fact. Some people are born organized and some are not. I was not.It affected every aspect of my life. Yeah, it made me late all the time, I was embarrassed a lot, I felt guilty about my kids not being able to have friends over and live in a home they could be proud of …yada yada… But the biggest thing (I found out later after I got it together) was that living in a mess stopped me from living life.I was a prisoner to the mess and clutter.  I found out after I got it together all the things I WASN’T doing because the house was a wreck.  I should have known that, because I always said, “As soon as I get my bedroom done I’m going to…”  “When I get organized I’m going to take guitar lessons,” and, “if only I could manage my life better! I would be able to…” Fill in the freaking blank! UGH! It sucked. OK… I’m going to start again…

I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  After 26 years of marriage at the age of 45 I got divorced (For a baby boomer brought up thinking that I knew who I was and how life was supposed to go this was devastating, I had lost my identity and began on the road to find it.  Being a stay at home mom for all of the years of marriage I had to figure out what I was going to be when I grew up, and so The Tidy Tutor was born.While in prayer I asked God what to do, I got this answer, “Do what you have been doing for years, teach people how to do what you did, get organized.” So… I did

Nine years after the divorce, when my kids were all grown up and on their own I was finally able to quit my part time job and ditch the service business I had created for myself (paining interiors and cleaning houses) and work Tidy Tutor Full time.   I sold my 4 bedroom house, and downsized once again to a small one bedroom apartment and moved to the beach where I always wanted to live.  After 2 years I missed my family too much to stay there,  the 1 hour drive to them became a burden so I moved again.At the time of this writing I live with my sister and Brother-in-law having downsized even further,  getting rid of almost everything I own.The only possessions I have right  now is my car, bedroom furniture, 1 small closet of clothes and 1 dresser that has more air in it then anything else. I am obsessed with helping people get out of their messes, get their acts together, understand themselves, love who they are and realize their dreams (which becomes a by product of Tidy Tutoring it).