Arts and Crafts, Organizing your life

Arts and crafts, organizing your life

Because I am selling my house I am looking in areas of my attic that normally I wouldn’t bother with.

I came across a box of unfinished projects I had worked on years ago and it made me think of something I wanted to discuss.

If you are an OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person) most likely you are also creative and love to do crafts. You volunteer to do the centerpieces at the Church Christmas party, you make the party favors for the neighbors baby shower and you like to make a wreath for your front door every season.

The problem with that is we often walk through a craft store for one thing and walk out with lots of other stuff.

In this video I show you my unfinished projects I’ve kept in my attic for YEARS! I will donate them to my church group who will finish them, and give them to those who would like to receive them.

I offer a suggestion, especially if you are just starting out on your own. When it comes to craft items, only buy what you will use when you will use it and finish a project before you go onto another. Please take it from me and from hundreds of others who have gone down this craft store road.

The items you pick up can really do take over your life and space. It can make you feel guilty because of all the unfinished projects laying around and from all the money you spent and wasted because you are not doing what you intended.

I would love to hear your story, anything you can share in this area, I would love to hear about, it will also help others who are struggling with impulse craft purchasing!

Much Love to you!

The Tidy Tutor

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EnergyFitGirl - Reply

Great video on craft items and having too many stashed away in the closet. I still need to sell my scrapbook supplies! Thanks for the inspiration, Kathy!

Felisha Ortiz - Reply

Ten years ago I decided to make my own jewelry. Long story short I didn’t finish all my projects and now I have lots of unopened packages of beads & crystals.

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