Motivation Monday – Lawn Work

I need to do some lawn mowing, and yard work. I have never
done this before, I really don’t know how to mow a lawn,
so I figured, I probably am not alone. And I saw an opportunity for
a video.

I was going to get a landscaper here, but it seems like I should be able
to mow the lawn myself, so I thought before I call a lawn service company
I should give it a shot.

I have all my equipment.

I asked for a gift card to Lowes for mothers day the year I got separated so I
could get stuff. I bought a weed whacker, and a leaf blower.

I added the oil and gas to the lawnmower but I had a problem getting it started.
My daughter Katie lent a hand, apparently you need to have a strong pull, but she
had to run and I actually didn’t’ get it done.

You might be asking how is this any help with your desire to live an organized life?

We work on housekeeping stuff, and really, mowing the lawn is part of the house and
even if you do get landscapers, you still have to manage them, and maintain, and take
care of things before the grass grows to your belly button!

So if you are asking “How can I get organized” I will tell you how to get organized,
you take a look at what has to get done and you schedule time in to do it!

We want to clean the house, and well, lawn care is part of it!

I hope you enjoy this video, it was so fun to make, I look forward to part two of


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