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Replacement car keys – How Can I get Organized?

All of us who use car keys or house keys, have experienced that dreaded moment where we say “I lost my car keys!” Weather we find ourselves locked out of the house or our car, it is at the very least inconvenient and can be quite devastating indeed.

The expense of needing to get an automotive locksmith because of your lost keys, can be devastating financially! Better to get car key replacement BEFORE they are lost.

This video is about setting yourself up to avoid the panic and mayhem that comes with losing keys, and not having the extra set. We have all been in the position where we have said “I can’t find my keys!” And it is sucky!

This video is about car keys in particular. We need to have two Extra sets of replacement car keys, three in total. One to be hidden ON your car, and one to be at home for someone to bring to you should you be in a position where you say “I lost my keys!”. We also need to have an extra set at home just in case you can’t find keys that you use regularly.

So you might be wondering where can i get keys made? Almost every hardware store makes car keys.

Together we go to home depot to make duplicate keys, and we also get a little magnetic box to place on my car in a secure and hidden spot. We then actually take the key and hide it on my car and talk a little bit about all of that. I will see you at home after I get my keys made.

We all know that having a lost car key is inevitable given our qualities, working on car keys replacement after the fact is sucky, so much better to do it before.

If you don’t have extra sets of keys I encourage you to get them, and then write to me when you lost keys, and how wonderful it was that you had the replacement car keys as I have suggested.

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