Sentimental Clutter & Minimalism

This has happened to me recently.

It isn’t like I didn’t catch it when I was dejunking, I thought the “sentimental clutter” I had was okay being there, after all, I had plenty of storage space to keep it.

There was a broken figurine that I came across in my attic. It was a Lenox Bride in it’s original box, and it had sentimental value.

Her hand was broken off, it was a perfect break, and it felt wrong to toss it. So, I just put it in the attic in the corner…

But I never really liked it, and kinda wondered, why I would keep something I didn’t even like and was broken! (But hey, I had the room for it, and it was out of sight and so out of mind too.)

Now that I’m thinking minimalism, my dejunking process has changed.

I sincerely think that having a minimalist mindset is the key for us to finally let go of our stuff and not feel so attached to it.

My first experiment with minimalism was on my front porch.

I saw a room online that I loved and wanted to make my porch look just like it. But when I started the process I felt a thud in my heart.

The stuff on the porch was ME! It represented all that I was…

BUT it was completely different than what I saw online and what I wanted now…  That is why I did the experiment, to make the porch be what I wanted it to be, and push past the thud to allow myself to get what I wanted.

After living with the new room, I found that I loved it, and I was able to let go of all the boxed up stuff that I put aside in case I wanted to put the room back the way it was.

The experiment really did transform my thinking.

Allowing our things to have so much power, can be like a prison. It kinda puts us in a box, and because our stuff is there, we become stuck there.

This Lenox Figurine is finally gone, with her broken hand and all!

I’m hoping that you look into thinking with a minimalist mind set while you are dejunking.

I think you will find that it makes you feel more happy when you actually allow your surroundings to reflect who you are and not who you were.

I’m so thankful that you’re on this journey with me and that I’m able to help you not step in the holes I have. I show you exactly where they are!

This journey is not an easy one. Not only are we fighting against things we own that tug on our heartstrings but we have habits in place that allow us to live in chaos even though we want to be free of it.

If you have been trying your whole life to get free from the clutter and confusion that has kept you imprisoned in your own home, I invite you to check out my course.

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Much Love to you!


The Tidy Tutor