M.M. – Charging Car Battery

You know that because of our natures we can often do
things that are a bit counter productive, like forgetting to close
our car door after getting home from grocery shopping, only
to find out later on that we drained our battery.

I know you can think of other ways the car battery could
or has died on you based on our OC natures.

Now on another note: I realized that I have grown boys that
don’t know how to charge a car battery… So, if that is true,
then it must be true that there are lots of my OC sisters and
brothers who don’t know how to either.

I can’t figure out how my boys don’t kno, reason being;
they grew up with me as their mother.

(Short story) I was married right out of high school. My poor
husband at the time, 20 years old, he didn’t have a clue what he
was getting himself into.

Finances were not always the greatest and because of that
for most of the 26 year marriage my cars were less
than desirable. One car, had to have it’s tires filled in the
driveway every morning before driving the kids to the bus
(we lived in Pennsylvania and the bus was 2 miles from home)

Another car I had to use a screwdriver to start.

Once I had my daughter Kate, about 8 at the time, take off
her stockings and used it as a belt so the car could get us

So the fact that my boys didn’t know how to charge a
battery?! Made me think that there must be more out there!

My Battery died while in the parking lot of Walgreens.

Here is a lovely little demonstration.

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