Relationships, Getting Organized and Self Care

For this Motivation Monday I am going to talk about self care.Have you ever noticed that if we have nowhere to go, we don’t get dressed?

Did you know that organized people get dressed if they have nowhere to go?

They would never think of laying around all day with their hair a wreck, in a bandanna and with junky clothes on, or in their Pajamas all day.

This is a song from 1964 that says the same sentiment as my blog.

Being disorganized and struggling with a messy home, undone laundry, and no groceries definitely takes its toll on our relationships…

But what about the toll that not taking care of ourselves takes?

I think that becomes more devastating as time goes by, especially in a marriage.

Even if we live alone, or with our children, we should be at our best for ourselves. We should be our best for people who matter the most to us.

I say, that no one ever said that they would quit HOME if they won the lottery. We say we would quit our jobs.

But what is it we take the time to fix ourselves up for?

We take the time to fix ourselves up for people we don’t even care about or love. For our jobs, or for the grocery clerk, or the bank teller.

All times that we are outside of our homes.

I’m telling you… we have it backwards.

Why is it, we can be all ratty looking at home with those who would take a bullet for us. Does that make sense?

In the video I read an excerpt from a Singer Sewing Manual from 1949

They talk about making sure our dishes are done, and the beds are made before sewing begins, so that we can enjoy it. They also suggest to make sure that we are dressed, have our hair done, and lipstick on.

Why, You might ask? Why do they suggest to have our hair done and lipstick on?…

Because our husband may come home! and if you are not “Put Together” you will not enjoy the sewing.

That little block of text from 1949 was put up on my Facebook page, and while it is so funny because of how things have changed for women, we no longer stay home and have sewing projects as a matter of routine,

the sarcastic comments that were made about how we better get fixed up for our husbands really seemed logical to read, and offered a chuckle on the inside of us while thinking such a thing.

But here is the thing, I think they had something back then.

Why do we get all lovely for a boyfriend, but once he is committed, or becomes our husbands, we don’t make such an effort any more?

I think that we should adopt the “Freshen up” philosophy from the old days 🙂 I think we should begin to think that making
ourselves lovely for whoever is our significant other, who you live with, or just for yourself should begin, and begin now.

Tell me what you are thinking about this. I would love to hear.

The Tidy TutorPS
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Kim Gonzales - Reply

I love love love this video! Great job Kathy! I posted it on my FB page Everyone should see this! Fabulous and a great reminder!

Connie Bryan Noble - Reply

I also enjoyed this very much! I do try and look nice still for my husband of almost 32 years. We all do need this reminder though.

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