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Now I know that my forte is about getting organized,
staying organized and living a happier life while being organized.

And so this might be a far cry from that, but I don’t think so…
You tell me…

It has to do with CLEAN for sure. And I deal in clean…

Women pee on the toilet seats in public rest rooms.

Lovely women, women who look distinguished, and are
dressed to the 9’s.

Older women, who you might call Grandma, or Aunt Bee.

Younger women, who you know sit on church pews on Sunday
Mornings and watch Joel Osteen in their leisure… Yup!

Comeon ladies! You know who you are!

I don’t get it… How could you not at least wipe the seat when you
leave the stall?

This video is asking those who do pee on the surfaces where
your sisters will be sitting after you… to WIPE THE SEAT.

This happens in lovely restaurants, at elegant wedding halls & in swanky

The bathroom itself might be well kept, but pee on toilet seats is the norm.

I want to mention that your fears are foolish in my opinion regarding
germs there.

The skin that surrounds your ass, the part that touches the toilet seat is
pretty damn clean. It is covered up most of the time, it is like touching a
freshly washed hand, that has been gloved all day, but better (because
hands touch everything)

So, I’m happy to touch on this subject (no pun intended) that has always
bothered me.

And may be make a difference.

Being nice should at least start in our bathrooms, its so primal, so basic.

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Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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